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Grails .gitignore

by jja on

I've started playing with git for source code revision management. Here is my first cut at a .gitignore for a Grails 1.0.3 project.

Note that for previous versions you will also need (at least) a line /plugins/core

# .gitignore for Grails 1.0.3

# web application files that are overwritten by "grails upgrade"
#  cf. GRAILS_HOME/scripts/Upgrade.groovy, target( upgrade )

# IDE support files that are overwritten by "grails upgrade"
#  cf. GRAILS_HOME/scripts/CreateApp.groovy, target( createIDESupportFiles )
# to be specific, you could replace "/*" below with your project name,
#  e.g. "foobar.launch" (no slash)

# logs

# project release file

Edit: took out build.xml since grails won't overwrite it. The eclipse dot files .classpath, .project, and .settings will also not be overwritten if they exist, but I'm still ignoring them for now.

Update: I've made a few additions for Grails 1.1: gitignore11


jja commented at 2009-10-19 12:41:41

For Grails 1.2, add a line for a new build directory:

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